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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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Hi Richard sounds like good news for you. Don't exactly understand
everything that you're doing or what it involves but for the web site I
would love to see it used for an actual game project.

I couldn't think of a better way to promote game accessibility than for us
to actually go out recruit the people to volunteer to build a game, and
present the game to a major development company to buy. After I get
finished with the videogame top-secret, Acclaim.com David Perry that would
be an excellent job hopefully it would pay as well. I know I said volunteer
but if we can get a company to fund it, go around to the different places
like conferences people that have companies and sell it to them maybe we
could finally get a game out there that proves our research and interest.

I know myself I'm worried about after graduation and hoping that I win the
directorship prize at the end of top-secret but, every day with that project
its up-and-down happy times it's a roller coaster but really good
experience. Sorry I haven't been putting info on our wiki I really should.
Man I really should. I'm getting some good support on making the game
simple but fun for all and accessible.

Top-secret racing game is supposed to be finished for presentation by GDC
2008 but David does not want to hold to that goal to rush it. That's a
really good thing he really cares about this and Acclaim is investing so
much into it more so than any other racing game has ever invested. So it's
a huge plus anyone that wants to get involved it really is truly 100%
funded. That's why I really wanted to get more members here involved it
really could be a chance to make it accessible designers are really
interested in David is backing up the idea after I told him about it. Asked
me personally to start a research group discussion General discussion area
on other games that have been made accessible to talk about them and figure
out a way to make this game worked.

The information to join link is below. We even have a wiki but we are
really learning how to upgrade that also with more information.


Thanks Richard.




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Hi folks,

I have an announcement. As you may know I temporarily quit work at the
Accessibility foundation to finish my PhD by working at the Utrecht School
of the Arts (HKU - my other job for the past 3 or 4 years). Here I have been
offered a research job, which I decided to accept. This means that I have
now officially quit my job at the Accessibility foundation. This doesn't
mean that I'm going game audio all the way, however, since game
accessibility remains one of my big interest areas. Although for the next
couple of months my main focus is on game audio design, after I finish my
thesis I have the chance to setup projects related to audio and game
accessibility, but now at the HKU and still in collaboration with
Accessibility. I might even have more room for setting up projects where I
work now then before.

One thing to think about, as I already discussed with Michelle, is
www.game-accessibility.com. Accessibility wants to change how the website is
run, partially because the foundation has too little manpower, partially
because we want to make the website available for more people. The
foundation proposes to set up a Projectgroup Game-Accessibility.com in which
the website is made available to the GA-SIG to basically do to it what needs
to be done, and make it (to an extend) GA-SIG Resource Website*. This is
just a first plan, if someone has their own ideas, please speak up.



* As I've understood we're in a tricky spot at the moment with all them
websites. I personally would like to simply have a website
http://www.gasig.org and put all SIG related stuff on it (which includes
IGDA SIG and DIGRA SIG stuff). This could BE the IGDA website as far as I'm
concerned, just with an extra URL. And then use GA.com for resources
(papers, articles) and community (forum, mailinglist) only.

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