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Wed Jul 11 19:44:09 EDT 2007

The main extra trickiness is waiting for the IGDA's new web tech
stuff. The IGDA wants us under their URL (that doesn't mean we can't
have a domain name that redirects there) so once the tech team
unveils things maybe we can take the look and feel of GA.com for the
IGDA site and then use GA.com as our resource area. Take the best of
everything and put it together in one nice neat package. :)

One thing I do know is that the new IGDA stuff is supposed to include
a SUPER easy blogging package, which we can use for "news" -- whew.
You might notice that the SIG site (igda.org/accessibility) is now
directed right to our wiki until the new stuff is unveiled. EVERYONE
can edit this so add in website links, etc as needed. I like the wiki
as well as the forums and it'd be interesting to see how they could
work together. The wiki is a nice place for summary and seeing
quickly "where we are now" on whatever project whereas the forum is
better for discussion.


>Hi folks,


>I have an announcement. As you may know I temporarily quit work at

>the Accessibility foundation to finish my PhD by working at the

>Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU - my other job for the past 3 or 4

>years). Here I have been offered a research job, which I decided to

>accept. This means that I have now officially quit my job at the

>Accessibility foundation. This doesn't mean that I'm going game

>audio all the way, however, since game accessibility remains one of

>my big interest areas. Although for the next couple of months my

>main focus is on game audio design, after I finish my thesis I have

>the chance to setup projects related to audio and game

>accessibility, but now at the HKU and still in collaboration with

>Accessibility. I might even have more room for setting up projects

>where I work now then before.


>One thing to think about, as I already discussed with Michelle, is


>Accessibility wants to change how the website is run, partially

>because the foundation has too little manpower, partially because we

>want to make the website available for more people. The foundation

>proposes to set up a Projectgroup Game-Accessibility.com in which

>the website is made available to the GA-SIG to basically do to it

>what needs to be done, and make it (to an extend) GA-SIG Resource

>Website*. This is just a first plan, if someone has their own ideas,

>please speak up.







>* As I've understood we're in a tricky spot at the moment with all

>them websites. I personally would like to simply have a website

><http://www.gasig.org>http://www.gasig.org and put all SIG related

>stuff on it (which includes IGDA SIG and DIGRA SIG stuff). This

>could BE the IGDA website as far as I'm concerned, just with an

>extra URL. And then use GA.com for resources (papers, articles) and

>community (forum, mailinglist) only.




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