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Wow, glad you and no-one else got hurt! Any ideas which supervillain it was
this time who sabotaged your car?

Wednesdays might be better for me, I haven't been able to attend to a
meeting so far :( With the holiday-schedule and new-job-rush-jobs and
old-job-rush-jobs (finishing Audio Game Maker!) there's hardly any structure
in my life. Will try though...

Off for dinner... oh no, wait, breakfast.... err...



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> Yeah it was pretty insane -- I was in a residential area so I wasn't going

> fast but there were kids everywhere! So I ran a stop sign (luckily no one

> else was there) and picked a nice hedge in front of a house and yanked the

> keys out. The emergency break didn't do much and I was in a "ok, just pick

> a scenario and go with it!" kind of rush. It didn't take long for everyone

> to come around and see what the deal was. I didn't get a ticket because I

> didn't leave the scene and no one was hurt and I basically did what I

> could do to try and avoid a major accident. Also they *could tell* I

> wasn't going fast (no sure how but I suppose that it's probably due to how

> easily I crash landed.


> I think that we might need to switch to Tuesdays and Wednesdays in order

> to grab Barrie. I'll send around another annoucement -- so you may need to

> switch your Outlook for the Thursday meeting but I'll send a confirmation

> to the list.


> Car troubles, kids everywhere...eeee...nice morning...they called an

> ambulance even! But the only thing I needed was anti-anxiety med! I'm sure

> my dreams will be easy tonight...eeee...


> Michelle


>>What a story. That's a nightmare for anyone. Did you pull the key out of

>>the ignition? That turns off the motor I'm not sure if you can cool the

>>emergency brake but probably.


>>I have my calendar messages in my Outlook software for reminders for

>>meetings I was there but didn't see anyone else online. So now I'll be at

>>all of them as soon as I get the alarm for the next three months my

>>schedule. It's every week Tuesdays and Thursdays? I know I can't make

>>Tuesdays not that early.




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>>Hi everyone,


>>I was in a car accident late this morning due to failed brakes

>>(mine). Luckily I was going slow enough that I was able to crash it

>>into some bushes...but that's a little unexpected expense for me. I'm

>>ok, just a bit freaked out still. No, I don't think it's a dramatic

>>"made for TV" plot. :)


>>Anyway, I am waiting for my email to download to see if people met

>>anyway today -- if so (and if you haven't), could someone post a

>>summary on the wiki?






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