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Congrats on your new job Richard.

I'd like to keep igda.org/accessibility as it is clear as Barrie
pointed out; however it's a bit long so perhaps gasig.org could be an
additinal URL which could point to igda.org/accessibility


11 jul 2007 kl. 09.08 skrev AudioGames.net:

> Hi folks,


> I have an announcement. As you may know I temporarily quit work at

> the Accessibility foundation to finish my PhD by working at the

> Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU - my other job for the past 3 or 4

> years). Here I have been offered a research job, which I decided to

> accept. This means that I have now officially quit my job at the

> Accessibility foundation. This doesn't mean that I'm going game

> audio all the way, however, since game accessibility remains one of

> my big interest areas. Although for the next couple of months my

> main focus is on game audio design, after I finish my thesis I have

> the chance to setup projects related to audio and game

> accessibility, but now at the HKU and still in collaboration with

> Accessibility. I might even have more room for setting up projects

> where I work now then before.


> One thing to think about, as I already discussed with Michelle, is

> www.game-accessibility.com. Accessibility wants to change how the

> website is run, partially because the foundation has too little

> manpower, partially because we want to make the website available

> for more people. The foundation proposes to set up a Projectgroup

> Game-Accessibility.com in which the website is made available to

> the GA-SIG to basically do to it what needs to be done, and make it

> (to an extend) GA-SIG Resource Website*. This is just a first plan,

> if someone has their own ideas, please speak up.


> Greets,


> Richard



> * As I've understood we're in a tricky spot at the moment with all

> them websites. I personally would like to simply have a website

> http://www.gasig.org and put all SIG related stuff on it (which

> includes IGDA SIG and DIGRA SIG stuff). This could BE the IGDA

> website as far as I'm concerned, just with an extra URL. And then

> use GA.com for resources (papers, articles) and community (forum,

> mailinglist) only.


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