[games_access] SIG MEETING TIMES: New Changes, meeting tomorrow!

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 23 18:50:38 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

So here's the latest meeting schedule that we'll test out. This
starts tomorrow and is for every week so if you already set your
calendars, make the follow changes:

Tuesdays at 9am (New York Time) -- this meeting time remains the same

Wednesdays at 12pm/noon (New York Time) -- this is the different one! :)

What are these times in YOUR time zone? Check out:

Again, if you have not attended before, we meet on MSN Messenger --
add me vrgrrl at hotmail.com and I'll add you to the meeting. If you
notice it's a few minutes late and you see me online, just send me a
message and I'll add you -- with so many weird nicknames, sometimes I
forget!! :)

Thomas -- can you set up that Google Calender thing for meeting reminders?

Agenda for this week:

* Game Accessibility = Games for All : What? Come to the meeting to
learn about the latest on the "positive PR" campaign that Reid has
suggested, which we've discussed in very vague terms in the past.
Time to get that going, especially with the gaming trend toward
expanding the market!

* GDC Session Discussion -- this is "go time" for finalizing what
we're going to commit to as a SIG. Lots of exciting changes such as
an EXPO booth, a game curriculum session, a "post mortum" session
about the "best of" accessibility, and a "best of industry" session
(kind of like a post awards discussion for the most accessible
mainstream games, only without any awards show crap), and others.

* FuturePlay Discussion -- this is mainly for FuturePlay workshop presenters

* More if there's time!

Hope to see many of you at one or both meetings!


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