[games_access] GDC 2008 ideas: Deaf-Blind games

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri Jun 1 05:12:53 EDT 2007

I do like the deaf-blind game idea...

I would think that some deaf-blind gamers have played the likes of text-adventures via Braille Displays or at least via a human interpreter.

I could imagine team-play would be possible for the likes of Resident Evil through a skilled interpreter spelling out what is happening in the game and giving some choices via deaf-blind finger spelling. This could be improved further if the deaf-blind gamer was wearing a force-feedback vest (e.g. http://www.vrealities.com/intervest.html). This would translate sounds into physical feedback, which might help include them a little further into understanding the game, and buidling the ambience. The gamer could have an agreed PAUSE sign if they are loosing track of what is happening. The interpreter/gamer could then fill them in a little more via signing.

I could also imagine some nature of Whack-a-mole game would be quite possible (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whack-A-Mole) - with some nature of sensors. Perhaps a Wii-Mote and force feedback vest with left, central and right feeback speakers. But how do you get interesting variety....?

Some other things to consider:

Braille Display

VirTouch Tactile Mouse
http://www.skerpel.com/graphics.htm#games - a little mention of games - perhaps a bit like a Giant Buzzer Game, or
game of Operation (http://www.matthews-leisure.co.uk/scalextric.htm).

Haptic Devices

Tactile Glove Prototype for transmitting the alphabet

I think it would help to give this kind of information in advance to any competitors. They'll need to give thought to independence, game experience, and deaf-blind gamers unable to cope with the alphabet.
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