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Hee Barrie!!

Please note that I used the word "impairment" in relation to the gamer and
that I used the word "handicap" in relation to a "limitation in the game".
"Game handicap" is something different, in my opinion, than classifying a
person as 'handicapped', which I didn't do ;) Err... :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handicapping (although slightly different, I
was referring to game handicaps).

Sander and I are actually doing fine, thanks for asking. How are you? Sander
really quit the Accessibility foundation, I am on temporary leave. Both our
decisions were based on the fact that we have been busy with our PhD
research for well over 4 years and the combination with our work at the
Accessibility foundation resulted in a downward spiral writing-wise.
Although our work was only two days a week, in practice it turned out a 5-7
day commitment, with emails/telephone calls/different full-time projects
that continued that kept bothering us and preventing us from really going
for our PhDs. Thing is, a PhD is not really something you can do 'on the
side'. So therefore Sander and I decided that it was time to fully commit
ourselves to our PhDs.
We both kinda turned our PhD writing in a job over at the HKU, where we are
now paid to write, as well as do some stuff for HKU. Funny thing is that
we're kinda completely doing the same stuff (oversee student projects,
proposals) and even with some of the same projects (the collaborative stuff
with Accessibility).

About GA.com. Officially Sander has quit so everything he does on GA.com is
in his own free time. Currently there are already other colleagues of
Accessibility working on expanding GA.com. At the moment I monitor
everything that is going on on the site (watch spam, etc.) and give some
input to my colleagues on what I still want to do with the site. This is all
in my free time untill I return to Accessibility (which is hopefully in

Soon the prototype of Audio Game Maker will be launched, so I'll be doing
some stuff for Accessibility for that as well. And I'm likely to participate
in a European project on game accessibility, either with Accessibility or
with the HKU (both parties have been approached as partner).

So, I didnt quit and NO, nothing to do with funding, you nosey twit ;) By
the way, I vaguely remember a couple of emails concerning a
controller/components by a Dutch company you first wanted me to arrange for
you and later you didn't. Whenever you need me to arrange something still,
just email, ok?

Gotta go now, will be away for some time, untill next week!



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> Ahhrgh! Not the handicap word, please Richard! :)

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3708576.stm


> Anyroad - how are you? I hear that you and Sander have packed in at

> GA.com? Is it still a supported going concern? Why did you quit - was it

> to do with funding? Am I really nosey!?


> All the best,


> Barrie

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