[games_access] Thinking about GDC 08's competition

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri Jun 1 18:06:40 EDT 2007

Re. Richard's post:


> 1) Deaf and Blind: this is one of the biggest challenges of them all. In

> that respect, I would not use it for GDC, because of the severe

> limitations you put the designers in. Same goes for severe learning

> disabled gamers. Although I was of the opinion I had a pretty good view I

> could design something creative, fun and fresh for this target group, time

> and time I was disappointed by yet another limitation (not a game project,

> mind)

Really don't agree regarding building a game taking into account severely
learning disabled gamers being difficult. I think that's quite easy. You
could take Everybody's Golf / Hotshots Golf for the PS2, add a few tweaks
and it would be great for many sld-gamers. You could do the same with many
racing games too. I made mention of Sand-box areas for games too, as with
Atari's I, Robot's "Doodle City":


These off the top of my head. Wouldn't be a huge stretch to come up with
something original.

I think the hardest group to target are MMORPG
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMORPG) gamers with various disabilities.


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