[games_access] top-secret update. Request links to accessible games

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Sat Jun 2 12:36:35 EDT 2007

Thank you Michelle. I do have that this guy think I have defined it. So I
could post those games on my web page. But it would be a lot easier to find
a direct link to them if you could? Don't have much room on my page.

Are there any free servers out there I could upload the stuff to with a code
so and I can create links to the in the top-secret forums?

It's not exactly a time crunch.

I do know that in top-secret we are told to do not use original material.
So I wouldn't be able to copy and post any coding for sure. Or any images.
As reference yes but not for a project.

I have not created the discussion group yet on the accessibility. There is
one though that I started on the user interface. You can check that out.
It's really difficult you can just search for a topic. And you can't search
a username for the topics they created.

We are supposed to have the ability to get e-mails every time somebody
responds to a post or thread that you created. But they haven't gotten that

The thread I created for user interface is here. It's for a task but the
task is not an unlocked yet. Should login first.

The place that I will create the topic on accessibility requested by David
will be in the forum below. General discussion. But I haven't yet.

When you login and then putting in this link for some reason it might not
bring up the page. So I would probably keep the link you have after logging
in the forums and just select the last two thirds of that link after .com/


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Thomas -- what are the restrictions for the SIG DVD with all the
accessible games on it? Robert, do you have this year's edition? If
not one of us can mail it to you. Or would it be easiest to just look
up the games online and give you those links? Sounds like time is of
the essence. Let me know!

Copyright is a whole huge issue and I'm not a legal expert (although
I get asked so many legal questions with regard to lawsuits I'm
starting to think Law School was a better idea than getting a
PhD...). :) Let me see what some of the IGDA attorneys can tell us --
maybe there are a few legal primers out there on the web for games.

I can't find on the forums where to go to post things on top secret
about accessibility. Do you have a direct link to a forum topic on it
or easy way to search (perhaps I could search for your postings if
you gave me your username -- I'm vrgrrl)


>Before I did my research and found all the different games out there. I


>hoping to get all of you not to help me find some. I only have so much


>and I really want to get the best. We need to put together a package

>discussion in top-secret, requested by David Perry directly to me when I

>brought up the issue of user interface accessible gamers, visual, audio,

>physical impairments. He thought it totally made sense to have in our game

>map the direction we are going focus on these audio and visual cues for

>assistance and physical assistance.


>So his challenge to me was discussed all the good games out there to have

>offered these abilities in games to people. I mention their company, the

>game, and discuss what it does. I I just need links to those games so I


>start discussing showing what they do right.


>Someone please remind me what is copyrightable on these games? I don't


>to get in trouble. Should I stay away from taking the exact idea and

>putting it in the game or should I just discuss how it helps in, with new

>ways according to our needs? I think the second way according to our needs

>is what I was going to do anyway but just in case I need to know.


>Thank you very much.






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