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On Jun 1, 2007, at 1:44 AM, AudioGames.net wrote:

> Btw: I thought of this concept when I read about the idea of

> sighted users leading blind-users through Second Life, as a guide.

> Helping each other out in a co-op game could prove to be a new kind

> of game accessibility?

I was thinking about that the other day, but then in the context of
World of Warcraft. What if a blind user in WoW would automatically
start out as a level 60 wizard able to cast very powerful spells but
requiring voice input& guidance from other party members? (assuming
this player belongs to a party). Other party members would
automatically try to protect this player as its very handy to have
such a powerful wizard in your party. This way a kind of symbiotic
relationship is created which is fair.

Cheers Eelke

> What do you think?


> K... I'm away again, speak with you in a week...


> R Out



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>> Heh -- this was probably a lost in translation/bad explanation on

>> my part bit -- the "ax the reality show thing" was meant to mean

>> don't do a game show thing at all!


>> We "can't" use design challenge...but that doesn't stop us from

>> coming pretty darn close to the same words...errr...Challenge:

>> Design! ;)


>> Another idea I had was...design for Helen Keller...now doing

>> something accessible for the deaf AND blind...now that is a

>> challenge...and the person that can design something cool around

>> that will help solve the catch 22 issue where doing something that

>> helps the deaf might mess up something for the blind with regard

>> to accessibility. This also puts us in more competition with Eric

>> Z and his poetry/peace prize/needle and thread challenges...


>> I was also thinking that the person should be able to also play it

>> with non-disabled friends...perhaps over the top? But still...the

>> social aspect of gaming is SO important.


>> I *REALLY* want to give the challenge another try because I think

>> we're onto something -- we just need to rethink it! And I want our

>> sessions to be fun -- we don't have to be comedians (as we know

>> now...we're not) to create a couple hour long presentations.


>> And...(now back to game shows, only different)


>> I also like the "Translation: Accessibility" idea where we have a,

>> for example, what closed captioning means for the non-hearing

>> impaired. Eelke -- perhaps since you put the article out on

>> Gamasutra, you'd like to lead some kind of session on this that is

>> also SIG sponsored? Perhaps it could be more than a lecture -- did

>> you see Microsoft's "usability game show" at CHI in Austria? We

>> could toss out some fun prizes to those that come up with

>> something not on the list -- that way the audience is more

>> engaged. I can see this as a high energy and fun, engaging session.


>> OK...More ideas!!!


>> Michelle


>>> Hi,


>>> I agree with all of the competitors advice. I would also like to

>>> add "no game show theme next time"? A theme is good, but

>>> something cool, not corny? Michelle, I like all of your

>>> suggestions so far. I would prefer to have a good, 3rd party host

>>> and Raph seems like a good person for that. And I guess fitting

>>> in his own entry is cool?


>>> But, ok, what still seems missing is:


>>> 1) theme / title of the design challenge. Can we still use

>>> "design challenge" in the title?

>>> 2) basically along with the theme, the target impaired audience?

>>> Our options are:


>>> - game for one specific game handicap

>>> - game for a game handicap of choice

>>> - game for one out of a selection of game handicaps (the list we

>>> make)


>>> But maybe we can try something completely different/less obvious

>>> instead. As I read Eelke's (excellent) Gamasutra article today, I

>>> was thinking about handicaps caused by impairments and the same

>>> handicaps not caused by impairments. Example: deaf gamers

>>> encounter the same problems as gamers in a loud environment (LAN

>>> party/mother vacuming/arcade/on the train) as gamers that play a

>>> mobile game and intentionally turn the sound off. Another one is:

>>> gamers with parkinson encounter the same problem as gamers on a

>>> plane with turbulence. Another one is: gamers trying to play with

>>> a DS or a PSP in a sunny environment (as I tried in the Dominican

>>> Republic for 2 weeks) encounter the same problem as visually

>>> impaired gamers. etc. etc. For more examples, see Eelke's article.


>>> Maybe we could make sort of a game-handicap list, where each

>>> problem is linked to both a bodily impairment *and* a likely

>>> situation that a non-impaired gamer can also encounter. So the

>>> parkinson/airplane disability (although there's probably also the

>>> gamer with parkinson on a plane with turbulence-disability). This

>>> is also where we could can some fun in, for instance:


>>> disability: game speed is to fast

>>> people who encounter this issue: gamers with a physical

>>> impairment that does not allow for fast reactions, hippies


>>> disability: cannot hear game audio

>>> people who encounter this issue: deaf gamers, grannies, gamers

>>> who visited Ozzfest 2007


>>> Err... ?


>>> And I guess I still want Hugh Heffner to showcase his Playboy

>>> Mansion game to see how well he handles the controls at his age.

>>> And I like celebrity handicapped people: Michael J Fox showing

>>> how he plays with the DS having Parkinson?


>>> Just some random thought. Next please!


>>> Ries



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>>> Subject: [games_access] Thinking about GDC 08's competition


>>>> Hey guys,


>>>> So I'm working on next year's design challenge for GDC and I'm

>>>> taking the advise of the competitors from 07 into consideration:


>>>> * Keep it to one hour

>>>> * No judges at all -- if judges have questions about why they

>>>> felt that way...I'll email you off-list

>>>> * Include accessibility "extra info" between the contestants or

>>>> do it all up front

>>>> * NO VIDEOS unless they are realllllllllly good and

>>>> reallllllllllly short (we left people in the dark with our video

>>>> as fun as it was to make it wasn't nearly as hilarious in real

>>>> life) :)

>>>> * Keep things more serious without being boring

>>>> * Ax the "reality show" idea

>>>> * Cut down the number of contestants to 3


>>>> So right now I'm talking to people who might be involved -- Raph

>>>> Koster (wrote "theory of fun") is interested in either being a

>>>> contestant or being "mini" presenter on the challenges of

>>>> accessibility and fun (those of you at GDC 07 probably remember

>>>> that we were up against him so maybe if we get everyone famous

>>>> somehow involved...hehe) and then Will Wright, Dave Perry and

>>>> Keita Takahashi who said they were interested for 08 -- I'm

>>>> imagining all will not say "yes." Raph is really interested in

>>>> being involved in some manner. I'd like for them to be involved

>>>> during even the early stages so that we can present a coherent

>>>> show. So I'd to have the spirit of being a publisher with many

>>>> competing design studios and only one will get the "go" in a "go/

>>>> no go" audience vote (this was Noah's suggestion). So the

>>>> contestants would have "checking in" meetings with us as they go

>>>> (to prevent "non-game presentations...we had a few") and such.

>>>> And I'm imagining that all contestants would have "accessibility

>>>> mentors" assigned to them from the SIG to make things even more

>>>> challenging and fun for all of us and get us all involved.


>>>> So this isn't THE proposal...I'm just still riffing on some

>>>> ideas. So YOUR opinion counts so please do give it! None of last

>>>> year's contestants said that we should drop the whole idea --

>>>> but instead change it and do it in a way that seems much more

>>>> put together.


>>>> So let's go! Let's think about our cool street cred session that

>>>> might get people in the door for an hour and then get them to

>>>> come to the expo for more! Let's think about how we can have the

>>>> coolest, yet non-hospital inducing sessions to raise the roof!!!!


>>>> Michelle

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