[games_access] Fwd: Personas, etc. but what is really needed...

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Tue Jun 5 19:27:31 EDT 2007

> Has anyone developed an algorithm that can scan the last draw of a

> frame and switch colors based on looking at what's near it to

> improve it? I think also that there has been some basic work for

> improving distinct items such as interface elements. There

> certainly seems to me to still be a possible algorithmic way to

> improve this where you'd provide a pointer to the final rendering

> at the framebuffer and then run a passover it and output to the

> screen (UI not withstanding which you would do otherwise).


> Ben: color blindness, that's incredibly hard, I don't even think you

> will be able to write code for that. Checking for particular color

> schemes (lets say red on green) can be anywhere in the game e.g. on

> game objects / textures. Interaction between objects, Light effects &

> shading & blending can lead to non desirable color schemes. There's no

> way you can possibly identify that upfront. The only way I can imagine

> to deal with it would be to make artist aware to use non colourblind

> colour schemes.

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