[games_access] Michelle's Health: A Monthly Status Report seriously.

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Mon Jun 11 18:53:21 EDT 2007

Thinking of you wishing you the best. Always. I hope you get well please.
Stay strong whenever to get back. Now I know how hard it is to work on the
game it's exhausting but hopefully good result in the end.



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Hi Michelle

I really hope you're getting better soon (remember what I told you about
working too hard for too long?)

We need you and to get well you need to get some rest. Three years ago I
decided (with a well placed kick in the butt from my doctor) to ease down
and no matter how frustrating it is to not stay on top of things all the
time, I know now that it is necessary to just give yourself some slack when
you feel the stress level building up.

It would be very ironic to get disabled from working hard for accessibility.
Nothing is worth more than your health.

That's my kick in the butt to you :) Now go book a long vacation! You're
definitely worth it!


5 jun 2007 kl. 04.30 skrev <hinn at uiuc.edu> <hinn at uiuc.edu>:

Hey everyone,

Just to quickly ping you all about what's currently going on with my FAB
autoimmune wonkiness. I think you all know that I have kidney stones (I
don't know what I was doing in February when this all started but I think
"working too much and not delegating when I needed to and, oh, not drinking
enough water" pretty much is the best explanation I've got for that!
So...they are getting better (they used some lasers to implode them...who
said that viewing a med procedure as a cool new video game was wrong? ;)

Then I'm on a clinical trial for something else which is making my short
term memory not the best at the moment (amongst other things no one wants to
hear about!!). So PLEASE bug me if you are waiting on something and I'll try
to get to that as quickly as I can.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding! My body seems to be
trying to take me down one step at a time! It's weird, maybe, but I've come
to view the SIG as my one group that keeps me going. I know...overattachment
maybe but it's nice to see all the discussion and cool stuff going on at the

Progress!!! :)



these are mediocre times and people are

losing hope. it's hard for many people

to believe that there are extraordinary

things inside themselves, as well as

others. i hope you can keep an open


-- "unbreakable"



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