[games_access] IGDA GA SIG Website -- feedback needed

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Thu Jun 21 13:47:57 EDT 2007

> Can someone point me to a VERY easy to follow and understand

> set of web accessibility requirements (ie, not the stuff that

> requires reading 900 pages of very nitpicky stuff but more of

> a "ok THESE are the top things you need to know" guide)?

My general understanding is that it can be summed up in a few
basic ideas on which the 900 pages all rest:

- use markup for its semantic meaning not for its presentation
(CSS can make it look like what you want...
http://csszengarden.com demonstrates this wonderfully where every
demo page uses the same underlying semantically marked-up HTML
yet offers hundreds of user experiences via CSS)

- use JavaScript to enhance, but don't rely on its functionality

- use ALT tags for images and caption audio

- don't rely on color alone to convey meaning

Not all that complex. A couple good resources:

- http://www.diveintoaccessibility.org/
- http://joeclark.org/book/sashay/serialization/
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_enhancement
- http://domscripting.com/blog/display/41
- http://alistapart.com/topics/userscience/accessibility/
+ http://alistapart.com/articles/accessibilityseo
+ http://alistapart.com/articles/wiwa

The first two (DIA and Joe Clark) are the cream of the crop. The
first uses a walkthrough, addressing issues for "personas" (as
discussed earlier on the list) while the second addresses
particular web topics.

It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but they'd be
where I'd start.


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