[games_access] IGDA GA SIG Website -- feedback needed

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
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This seems like a good top 10 accessibility pointers for good accessible web


It also has links to web-testing software for strict accessibility. People
often forget how important images are for many people to help them
understand - and to improve how easy it is to read a page. Using plain clear
English is very important too. I think on this list we often use terms and
abbreviations that are not common knowledge. For the web-site we really must
explain everything clearly: http://www.plainenglish.co.uk/


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> Hi everyone,


> I know some of you are more up to date than I am on web accessibility

> stuff. The IGDA is moving towards a web 2.0 set of tools for their entire

> site, including our SIG site (which is why updating the site has been on

> hold, amongst other life crises).


> Can someone point me to a VERY easy to follow and understand set of web

> accessibility requirements (ie, not the stuff that requires reading 900

> pages of very nitpicky stuff but more of a "ok THESE are the top things

> you need to know" guide)? I've been asked by the IGDA for help in making

> sure our own resources, as well as the rest of the IGDA resources, are

> accessible as they move to this new system. The IGDA will then pass the

> web accessibility info to their dev team to implement.


> Thanks everyone!

> Michelle

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