[games_access] GDC: in retrospect

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 13 17:13:28 EDT 2007

Thanks Barrie -- you always are the calm within the storm :D

I think that this discussion needs to happen in a different way. I
think it would be great to talk about some "hey maybe we should try
x, y, z next year" in a way that is not me attacking others and
others -- whether or not it was meant that way -- attacking me. All I
ask is that people keep in mind that I put an enormous amount of work
into GDC and to only hear that we are off track, failing, etc makes
me think "well, great...I not only put in a year's worth of work into
it, but I did it in such a way that was a spectacular failure."

We should always talk about improving. But we also need people to put
action behind their words.


>I think we are having success in the GASIG beyond my expectations.

>We are getting some international press coverage - we are getting

>exciting articles published around the web from our members - we

>have seen accessible games nominated for awards - we have seen

>Game-Accessibility.com grow into something very useful and important

>with our help - we have a presence at the biggest gaming event in

>the world - we have disabled and non-disabled people on board with



>Maybe we have a mountain to climb, but that's what makes it so

>appealing to me personally. I know it can be done, but we really

>shouldn't pick ourselves to bits without celebrating our successes.


>We must keep building.







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>>>>>I have outlined a plan (which I dub ACCESSIBILITY 2.0) consisting of 5

>>>>>action points & clear goals that will put this SIG back on

>>>>>track, make it as

>>>>>successful as other SIGS (education/writing), increase the attendance at

>>>>>our events, and putting accessibility on the roadmap of game

>>>>>developers like

>>>>>we set out to.


>>>Oy...wow, that did hurt.


>>Why did that hurt, you ask? Because I've been told by the IGDA that

>>even though the other SIGs have the numbers, we do more than most

>>of them. And now I hear from within the SIG that we aren't

>>successful at all. That's fine but it does hurt.


>>Yes, my ego is getting in the way. I know it is. That's my issue,

>>not any one else's. I'm still very angry about this year's GDC -- I

>>have the right just as everyone else does. I put the damn sessions

>>together a year ago. I've put a year's worth of time and emotion

>>into this. So yeah, I'm friggin' pissed off that even this year we

>>did not get a good turn out. But CMP didn't help by having us start

>>4 out of the 7 sessions late (by 20 minutes) due to not having

>>things set up as promised. So we lost people before we even





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