[games_access] GDC: in retrospect

Jason Della Rocca jason at igda.org
Tue Mar 13 21:26:34 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Just taking a quick browse of the recent thread...

Admittedly, there are 100 sexier things for most mainstream
developers to attend than eat-your-veggies style accessibility content.

The IGDA does other niche things, than are very important, that are
just not well attended. For example, our QoL contract stuff had less
than 10 attendees. As did our credit standards discussion. But,
progress was made, and some new faces showed up.

So, lesson one is that quantity (ie, number of attendees) does not
equal success in and of itself.

The GDC environment way simply be too competitive. Other
approaches/strategies for getting developer attention are worthwhile
to explore.

Further, a standalone dedicated conference far away from GDC may get
the attention the topic deserves... Or, still, might not get anything
to show up ;)

As Michelle noted, it is everyone's responsibility to step up. While
she is technically the leader of the group, it is all still a very
flat, distributed and collective effort.

Best to take the experience from past successes and failures and build on it!


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