[games_access] GDC sessions online

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 21 19:49:56 EDT 2007

Hi all,

If you weren't able to attend GDC, two of our sessions --
"accessibility idol" and "serious accessibility for serious games" --
are available at the GDC store -- this is the first time they've EVER
included us in the audio proceedings so that alone is cool. :) The
other cool thing is that even though the title "accessibility idol"
wasn't as catchy as we'd hoped, it DID put our session towards the
top of the offerings at the store because it starts with "A." Hehe.

Anyway to find the sessions, go to:


and then go to "GDC 2007" on the list on the left hand side. Yeah,
it's about $8 but all the sessions cost money. I'm just happy we were
included this year -- year 4 at GDC and we finally made it to the
proceedings! :) To find the serious games one -- click on "SGS GDC

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