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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed May 2 13:17:01 EDT 2007

Hey everyone --

Just in case people got confused -- I wanted to write the station a
letter to thank them for doing the story (and point out the
Sony/Microsoft snafu...which they already know about). I didn't mean
that I was going to write an angry letter -- there's nothing to be
angry about (ok, except the filming us eating...that was just plain
weird!). :)

So I'll include your comments in the letter so send your reactions!
I'm hoping they might be willing to do a follow up, perhaps at GDC

Actually I had all the stuff you sent but they were particularly
interested in the quad controller. It would have been interesting to
show the brainfingers device to but they really just had 10 minutes.
So if our dream of getting onto the expo floor becomes a reality for
2008, we could really show some cool stuff.

It's also great to see Ernest really getting into accessibility --
that's just plain cool!


>Slowly catching up with things. I really enjoyed the video from KQED.




>I think they got a lot of important points across. Reid, you came

>over particularly eloquently in the video - fine work. Really

>enjoyed watching the father and son using hacked up controllers made

>accessible. I think they did a pretty good job as it goes. It was

>nice seeing some of the controllers I supplied on show too. I guess

>you wisely kept the rather heavy switch adapted Namco Arcade Stick

>at home? I'd love to see more of the footage of the "Accessibility

>Idol" show - especially after reading up on Ernest Adams great

>related article:







>p.s. - I've not forgotten you Robert. Your project is an exciting

>one - just need proper time to spare to offer some more thoughts.

>Keep plugging away, fella-man!



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