[games_access] Terrestrial Invaders: New Version

Dimitris Grammenos gramenos at ics.forth.gr
Thu May 3 11:16:56 EDT 2007

Hello all,

After receiving some very good comments by Barrie, I made some modifications
to Terrestrial Invaders. In this context, I also added a new level called
"Adjustable Difficulty". In this level several difficulty adjustment
facilities are offered, such as:

1. Adjustable overall game speed.
2. Adjustable emenies speed (you can even stop them from moving).
3. Adjustable size of the player's bombs.
4. Cheats. At a press of a button you can: get an extra life, destroy a
random enemy, activate the shield.

You can download the new version from:

I would be obliged if you could also spare 5 mins to fill-in the feedback



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