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Let me ping my mentee from this year's GDC -- her fiancee works for the US Census and might be able to get us more pinpointed stats that are more specific than the 16-64 year old range! He's also a statistician, which is what we need. I'm a qualitative researcher...I'm a "words" person ;)


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>Kotaku posted the Quest video on their site



>One comment from a poster:

>"The problem is that it's not cost effective to tweak and add special

>options and controls for disabled gamers. The amount of time, effort,

>and money it takes to add all that doesn't produce a financial reward

>in the end for the company who makes the game because disabled gamers

>aren't exactly a sizeable demographic."


>I see this point made over and over again and no one knows the truth.

>We really need to find out the truth. I'm hopeful the facts will

>reveal that in fact it will be very cost effective for developers.


>Dimitris, do you have any data on how much it cost you to add all the

>accessible for Terrestrial Invaders vs. how much the game would have

>cost if you left them out?


>Does anyone have any good research skills? I've tried before to find a

>recent statistic on how many disabled people there are in the US,

>Europe, Asia, and so on. Ideally we'd have the following stats,


>in each territory US, UK, Europe, Asia, etc

># of disabled blind

># of disabled deaf/hard of hearing

># of people with any mobility issues, from arthritis to quadriplegia

># of cognitive disabled


># of male populations that play games

># of female populations that play games


>Age groups of people that play games


>Any more categories? I'm hoping with all the data we can piece things

>together and say something equivalent to, "we know that 30% of the

>male population between the ages of 16 and 33 in the US, which is

>25,000,000 mil, of those 10% are blind, 25% have some type of hearing

>disability and shockingly 35% have mobility impairments. Then we can

>break it down into actual estimated numbers. We really need some way

>to combat these assumptions that there isn't a market and it's not

>cost productive.


>I spent zero money developing Doom3[CC]. It only took time on nights

>and weekends while I worked a full time job. It has been downloaded

>over 19,000 times since release. If I had charged $5 dollars for it I

>could have profited $95,000 dollars. That's a one year salary for a

>talented programmer in some parts of the US, who could make huge

>impacts at a company.




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