[games_access] We must get data sooner than later

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Thank you Richard. I wish we could multiply you. Hundreds of Richard
running around. A powerful force. Then I'd have to hear the way you say
sleck stuky, however it's spelled about 100 times. :-)

Best wishes please stay in touch and involved.


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I'll try and get some new statistics from the Accessibility foundation,
which usually has some stuff lying around - at least for Europe. By the way,

for those who don't know yet, I have left the Accessibility foundation for
at least half a year to work at the School of the Arts Utrecht (where I
already worked too) in order to finish my PhD thesis. This means that much
of what I did at Accessibility (such as GA.com, GA articles and GA research
and stuff) is temporarily on hold *for me*. The foundation continuous with
their game accessibility activities and although I tend to only focus on my
PhD for now, I will be doing some GA stuff, like the HCII conference and
also some stuff for a possible upcoming European project on game
accessibility. I'll be available through email as usual so you'll probably
won't really notice any difference. And I will continue my SIG-related
activities as usual. And since I officially still work for Accessibility,
but am only on a temporary leave, I will continue to watch over GA.com.



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> I'm waiting on information from the guy I know at the US census for census

> 2000 -- I have some of the data that I use in presentations (They are on

> my other computer right now but as soon as I get the slides I'll put them

> up on the wiki). But this guy can break things down by disability type and

> give us wider ranges than just "16-64 year olds" (which doesn't do us much

> good...). So hang tight everyone! :)


> Michelle


>>The statistics used in the original paper were based on the last US census

>>back in the 90's, as well as from some UN surveys done in the late 90's. I

>>have not had a chance to look for anything more recent.


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