[games_access] please vote for Roberts scholarship entry to win!

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Tue May 15 13:09:19 EDT 2007

With all of that pain. You're so strong though to go through with it.
Things like that happened to me I am already weak I need two people to hold
me down. Actually I'm already down just comfort.

Thank you for doing that for me if anyone has more than one e-mail address
they can register more votes. Please thanks.


the link.



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Hi -- I've been sick all weekend and was having to grade my 100+ student's
projects so I fell off the face of the earth a bit (yes, it was my monthly
chronic evil pain that completely leaves me curled up into a ball and needs
multiple ER trips...sigh...).

BUT! I just voted for you Robert --- everyone, it's really easy to place a
vote from the link below so please take a few moments to do so. This could
really help Robert realize his post-graduate dreams!


I applied for a $10,000 scholarship one will be given to one art Institute
online student and one art Institute on campus student. I hope he will
support me they are accepting a maximum of 100 votes of each person's entry.
The top 10% most votes will get voted on by the panel of judges and there is
only until June 1 to vote for me. You might have to enter your e-mail but I
hope he will do this. This is something I really need and could support me
tremendously. It might be slightly hard to read not sure why they didn't
put a white background behind the lettering. I'll have to request that.

I hope all of you can vote for me giving the tremendous support a given this
effort of working with all of you and promoting game accessibility 100%.
This is just something that will help me to do that even more in what my
dream possibilities come true.

Thank you so much.

The link is here.


Robert Florio



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Game:Part One


Found this thanks to OddBob at <http://www.RetroRemakes.com>


<http://www.OneSwitch.org.uk> www.OneSwitch.org.uk

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