[games_access] VOTE: Robert Florio's Scholarship Entry (top-secret update)

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Tue May 15 13:23:05 EDT 2007

I need to get better with my titles. I think I say you Michelle a personal
e-mail. I should've put my name right in the title at her. Sorry. Thank
you so much for helping me to promote this. Tremendously. You guys are
great avenue.

Update top-secret game.

I really need to meet with all of you so if you have a meeting coming up
soon let me know so I can best let you figure out how to help out with the
game. I have tremendous support we are really launching the controls design
now. A lot of designers who are volunteers like myself are really inspired
by what I started and they're jumping on board with the controls were trying
to make it accessible across the board all the areas.

Our first community meeting with David was not very informal I didn't get to
get a lot of questions answered but he did stress his desires. He wanted
the game to be extremely easy to play but also another side of it to be
challenging enough for the advanced gamers.

Check out the web site. There is a beginners link on their and also update
to the updated current tasks. We just completed level, character, beast,
weapons designs. I did a bunch of drawings teamed up with people.

I just applied to be the animation director.

A tremendous experience.



Official page.


Direct link to the controls discussion.



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Hi Charles!

Yep, Robert is GOOD! Scratch that...GREAT! So come on everyone -- it takes
hardly any time to vote and let's help Robert on his quest to start up an
accessible game company!

Remember...you only have until June 1st! To vote, go to:


On a side note...Charles...we are working with GarageGames to set up a hub
for promoting accessible games as well as reviews for mainstream games that
have accessible features. So I'm excited that you are already on GGE! Can't
wait for the beta!


LOL I'll be honest - when I first saw this email, I assumed it was
junk, but then I read the replies and figured what the heck, I'll take
a look. Awesome artwork, and even more awesome essay!! Couldn't resist
voting for it, and for anyone else who thought this was BS, go vote,
it really is good!! :)

Crush the Critters: a Whack-a-Mole adventure for your feet! Request
the first beta, coming soon.

On the Great Games Experiment:

The Developer Blog: http://hedonismgames.blogspot.com
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