[games_access] Betr.: VOTE: Robert Florio's Scholarship Entry

Sander Huiberts s.huiberts at bartimeus.nl
Tue May 15 16:10:22 EDT 2007

Hi Robert,

I voted...good luck and I hope you'll win!


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>>> hinn at uiuc.edu 15-05-07 18:04 >>>

Hi Charles!

Yep, Robert is GOOD! Scratch that...GREAT! So come on everyone -- it
takes hardly any time to vote and let's help Robert on his quest to
start up an accessible game company!

Remember...you only have until June 1st! To vote, go to:


On a side note...Charles...we are working with GarageGames to set up
a hub for promoting accessible games as well as reviews for
mainstream games that have accessible features. So I'm excited that
you are already on GGE! Can't wait for the beta!


>LOL I'll be honest - when I first saw this email, I assumed it was

>junk, but then I read the replies and figured what the heck, I'll take

>a look. Awesome artwork, and even more awesome essay!! Couldn't resist

>voting for it, and for anyone else who thought this was BS, go vote,

>it really is good!! :)



>Crush the Critters: a Whack-a-Mole adventure for your feet! Request

>the first beta, coming soon.


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