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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon May 21 21:10:00 EDT 2007

Thanks Mark, for your intro! How exciting about Sid Meier -- I can't
wait to read the new article! I agree -- the more we appeal to the
celebs of the dev world, the better. They set the tone! And if there
are any others that you want to get in touch with, I have a very
large address book with a lot of celeb devs on it and I'd be happy to
introduce you to them! Just ping me off list.

As a SIG we all have our own projects going on but we come together
on this list to help share what we all have going on so that we can
help spread the news!

As I mentioned to you off list I'm working with Josh Dallman at
GarageGames on the Great Games Experiment to help us design a portal
so that we can bring in news and reviews from various sites (and
allow people to review games within GGE as well). These are exciting

I think we all know about the one person shops -- that's why it's
great to have a common gathering place to keep the movement growing!

Michelle (who understands grammar and typos all too well...I really
am dyslexic...)

>I want to thank Michelle for the intro.


>I am Mark, I am a disabled vet (monoparesis (leg)) and avid lover of

>games. I run AbleGamers.com a site dedicated to disabled gamers, I

>started the site when my sister called me in tears. She was

>diagnosed with MS in 2001, and after a major episode and found she

>could no longer play EQ, something she really enjoyed. She was no

>longer able to play the way she wanted to. So AbleGamers was born.


>I want to give disabled gamers a place where they can share ideas,

>and find the right game for them. I also do interviews with

>developers, asking them about upcoming titles. I have found that

>during these interviews many developers had never really thought

>about how disabled players would approach their game. Before the

>release of EQ2, Sony flew a few sites out there for a pre-release

>visit, I started to talking to developers and to my surprise the

>conversation turned into a Q&A where I was the one with the answers,

>they had the questions!!!


>So I say that to say this, AbleGamers is a one man shop, right now

>it is just me, so if you have something you want to add to the site,

>just send it to me, I am always looking for new content, and I pay

>well if you think that nothing is good pay... If you have a review

>you want to write you are welcome to.


>Also, if anyone wants to be interviewed or wants to get some info

>out, ping me...



>Well this weekend we are moving to a new server so after that I will

>be posting an interview with Firaxis Games' production manager, with

>an opening statement by SID MEIER!!! (I am sure most know who he

>is, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sid_Meier )


>It took me a long time to get this pull. It is a great interview, I

>think it does a lot to help the cause, and Sid's opener is good, and

>as celeb developers recognizing the need for addressing disabled

>gaming, other developers will take note!!!!


>I am glad to know that I am not alone in my plight, thank you to

>Michelle for reaching out to me...


>Mark Barlet



>Forgive any spelling errors, or grammer issues


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