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Wed May 23 10:00:23 EDT 2007

Whoa, I've been reading up on a lot of posts. So I have a few comments.
This is from Tim "- adding [CC] becomes more difficult because there's not
just a pre-scripted set of lines that the audio department
records, but you have live voice-chat that doesn't [CC]

Theoretically, one could use voice recognition software to
do dynamic [CC] of voice-chat, but voice recognition
software still has a long way to go, and sucks up a lot of
processor time/power from games that may want it."

It's interesting that you said about voice chat and stuff. I don't know
about other deafies, but for me, I could care less about having a chat mode.
It's very distracting to try to play a game and read what other people are
saying. I have never played a MMORPG before, so it may be a little bit
different in that method. Live and voice chats are the reason why I don't
play online games such as Halo or whatever. Besides, how would the program
recongize MY voice?? I do speak english fluentlly, and people sometime don't
even realize that I'm deaf. However, I have tried using my mom's voice
recongization program, and it does squat. Not all deafies have great voices,
and some don't speak at all....regardless, voice recognition is not the way
to go to satisfy the needs of deaf people. I don't have XBox360, but I've
seen the new controller with the "sidekick" ripoff keyboard on the
controller...does anyone have one and does it really work? There's a lot of
deaf people that i know that can thumb type unbelievably at a high speed, so
they do have a lot of dexiterity (woot!), to do both type chat and play
However, I do notice that there has been increasing games that are
subtitled though. Closed Captioning is different from Subtitling....huge
difference. :-) Sometimes I do get a little disappointed with certain games,
but over the years of playing games I've come to term to accept them. One of
the nicest thing anyone can do is to type out the words for the cutscenes of
certain games (Resident Evil 4 comes in mind...one guy typed the entire
script because his girlfriend is deaf). We do have a long way to go, but
we're getting there!
Reid - is there any way we can cry "ADA Law!" to these Game
Developers??? :-)

Secondly - I'm a bit of a noob...so forgive me. How do one get invited to
go to GDC? I would LOVE to go in 2008, but how do I get invited? I'm
thinking about going to E for All, but it may cost me quite a lot of money
as I'm coming from New Jersey...hence why I may not be able to attend to E
for All AND GDC. Maybe I should move to California!

Also, the biggest concern I have is the ability to get interpreters.
That's all that really matters to me. Many expos like this won't be willing
to pay for interpreters just for one person or two, and they would need to
hire at least 4 interpreters to rotate...otherwise THEY will have disabled
hands, and that, my friends, costs a lot of money.

Sorry for the long email....:-)

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