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Re: [games_access] Game Accessibility ConferenceHi Folks,

I'm back from my holiday and was happy to find the AG activity in my mailbox :):) Will join the conversations soon! As a first question, MIchelle wrote:

"BUT! There's some new news...As of yesterday...we now have a DiGRA parallel SIG that I'd like those of us who are researchers to really take the lead on. This SIG is a co-IGDA-DiGRA effort and I think that this is exciting! More soon on this!"

So, what's the story? Nothing on http://www.digra.org/sigs yet (but the DIGRA website is quite empty on a lot of things ;) Although I am currently not active at the Accessibility Foundation (since I am now working part-time at the HKU), I was going to setup a GA-SIG page at GA.com, with basic info, URLs and convention info. So any info on a DIGRA/IGDA GA-SIG (wow!?) is much appreciated.

On a side note, I might be visiting Paris in a couple of weeks to have a chat with several parties about a proposal for an upcoming European project concerning game accessibility. Parties may include both the Accessibility foundation and HKU :), as well as several other universities and companies. Can't reveal more at this moment, sorry, but will keep you posted.




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