[games_access] Automated Meeting Reminder?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue May 29 18:52:25 EDT 2007

The meetings are

Tuesdays: 1pm (NYC)
Thursdays: 9am (NYC)

You've actually only missed one meeting with three of us and I'm
working on the wiki to put the summary up. (I was the lone show for
two of the meetings)

You know what I could really use? Someone(s?) to volunteer to help
take the meeting transcripts (which are out of context and crazy to
read and also contain phone numbers from time to time depending on
what goes on) and put them into summary form.




>Did a quick browse but I couldn't find a simple and cheap/freepiece

>of software that does this. Will look further though. By the way,

>are these the final meeting times that everyone agreed on?


>Tuesdays -- 9am (New York Time) (= 03:00 Amsterdam)

>Thursdays -- 1pm (New York Time) (= 19:00 Amsterdam)


>Thanks. And I noticed I missed one or two meetings by now. Following

>the discussions from some months ago, did we (in the end) manage

>find a solution to the meeting-summary documents? Or do we still

>need a solution for that?




>Richard (it's late here and my past holiday already seems far, far away...)



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>>Anyone know of a free automated meeting reminder that could send an

>>email to the list to remind people that we have a meeting coming

>>up? I'm not nearly automated enough so I can't seem to do it other

>>than to put it on my PDA...which doesn't help you guys. Anyone

>>interested in served AS an automated meeting reminder as an



>>Let me know!!! Thanks!



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