[games_access] GDC 2008 -- who is going + acceptance update

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Sun Nov 11 03:51:49 EST 2007


unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that i'll be able to to attend
this year.

however if there are plans to publish one or more white papers or
similar I would like to contribute.


Jonathan Chetwynd
Accessibility Consultant on Media Literacy and the Internet

On 10 Nov 2007, at 22:44, d. michelle hinn wrote:

Hi everyone,

GDC acceptances are starting to trickle in (Dec 1 is when we'll know
everything -- some prelim sessions are already on their website at
www.gdconf.com but these are sessions that didn't go through the main
system and/or were invited so no one panic!).

Some good news -- I just learned this week that Reid's proposal on
programming a dynamic [cc] system was accepted through the regular
proposal system so I'm hopeful that this is a good sign for us! That
was an early bit of feedback...so cool!!!! I'm not certain but I
think this is the first time this talk has been accepted (unless I'm
mixed up -- I'm pretty sure he's put this in once or twice) so we're
starting to do something right! :)

On the schedule already is the accessibility arcade. We also have the
Meet and Greet, which is being hosted by Eelke. Eelke, you are
hosting the meet and greet. :) More info on this soon but this is the
session that was held at the IGDA booth last year and oddly
interrupted by PBS filming some of us eating (some of us who were so
starved we had to use a part of that time to eat or we would have
died!). I thought that you'd have some great ideas about maximizing
this opportunity, especially after we talked a bit about it and the
rest of GDC at E for All.

I need to be sure that I have everyone's name who is hoping to go to
GDC. Please confirm this with me by emailing me at hinn at uiuc.edu (to
avoid list excess traffic) and if you need extra passes for ADA
purposes, let me know that too and how many you'll need. Also, if you
require a ramp, interpreter, or other accommodation due to
disability, please let me know that too as putting in ramps, etc do
take additional time to arrange. I still can't promise we'll get all
the passes we want but I'm trying. So far we have now covered three
of us

Note that ADA accommodations do NOT effect our pass count so if
someone requires an assistant that does not mean that we have fewer
passes to reflect this. These accommodations are US law and CMP (the
group that runs GDC) is VERY good at respecting that with absolutely
no questions. Unfortunately not every conference group is as
enlightened -- I've had to deal in the past with groups that try to
penalize people for the accommodations they are supposed to provide.
So it's very refreshing that CMP has always been a "no questions
asked/what can we do to provide the best accommodations" group!

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