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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 11 19:38:48 EST 2007

Interesting panel -- thanks for letting us know about that too! I
might make a few comments to the panel I have on my mind about how
accessibility can be taught in game design courses. :)


> agree, FuturePlay looks like it's going to be really exciting.

>Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


>I'm going to be on a panel on Friday morning at 10:45 called "Harder

>Lessons" (along with John Hopson, Anthony Whitehead, Mia Consalvo,

>and John Lester) which talks about the things that the IGDA games

>curriculum doesn't currently cover. It won't have much to do with

>accessibility, but it should be interesting, especially for those

>out there in academics who also make games (i.e. all of us).


>See you there,



>At 07:05 PM 11/11/2007, d. michelle hinn wrote:


>>Hi all --


>>Some good news I thought I'd share about FuturePlay that starts

>>later this week ( http://www.futureplay.org) -- the accessibility

>>workshop that Kevin and I are doing has over 40 pre-registered

>>attendees. That's about 38 more people than usual for our all-day

>>workshops. For a small conference, this is pretty amazing --

>>especially since attending our workshop means that they have chosen

>>not to attend any other session besides the keynote because the

>>workshop is on day 1 of 2.5 days so there's a lot of competition

>>coming up against us! Also that number is especially impressive

>>given that so many more people *could* have attended our past GDC

>>and Brighton versions of the workshop but did not. I think we are

>>starting to turn the corner! I just have this feeling... :)


>>Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that Dimitris' "Game Over" (a

>>game to educate people about designing games for all) has made it

>>to the finals of the game competition and I will be presenting for

>>him at the awards show, as he had to be in a different continent

>>for another meeting this week. So cool! Nice to see it up for a

>>conference award! Finger's crossed for a win, everyone!


>>So that's two more big SIG announcements for the week! Yeah!




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