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That sounds great am glad you got that feeling. Hopefully we can start
turning these conference meetings into some business meetings. If you know
what I mean I mean when these people come to the conference has got to be
opportunities to get them to work with us on game. somehow to get us to
consult with them.

It would be great if a game published with our organization on the credits
that would be amazing. I don't know what that entitles but that would be
some great recognition. Maybe help fund art projects a little.



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Brilliant news all round. Congratulations all!



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Hi all --

Some good news I thought I'd share about FuturePlay that starts later this
week (http://www.futureplay.org) -- the accessibility workshop that Kevin
and I are doing has over 40 pre-registered attendees. That's about 38 more
people than usual for our all-day workshops. For a small conference, this is
pretty amazing -- especially since attending our workshop means that they
have chosen not to attend any other session besides the keynote because the
workshop is on day 1 of 2.5 days so there's a lot of competition coming up
against us! Also that number is especially impressive given that so many
more people *could* have attended our past GDC and Brighton versions of the
workshop but did not. I think we are starting to turn the corner! I just
have this feeling... :)

Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that Dimitris' "Game Over" (a game to
educate people about designing games for all) has made it to the finals of
the game competition and I will be presenting for him at the awards show, as
he had to be in a different continent for another meeting this week. So
cool! Nice to see it up for a conference award! Finger's crossed for a win,

So that's two more big SIG announcements for the week! Yeah!



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