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Wed Nov 14 08:12:03 EST 2007

Cool Corey (you are now dubbed "Cool Corey") -- good to see you back in action. And believe me...I (and probably most of the list) really understand delays. Seems to be so much we want to do and can't get to it and I know it can be frustrating. So don't beat yourself up about it! Seriously!

I have an idea -- let's all become trust fund babies so that we can live off of that money and then we can have more time for game accessibility! Wait...how do we go back in time and make sure our parents/grandparents were super wealthy...

Ok sorry for the tangent gang...I had a 5am flight this morning and am now waiting for my 11am connection to Toronto for FuturePlay so I'm trying to stay awake by torturing everyone with weird thoughts that pop into my head. Speaking of...and maybe this isn't sooo weird but we'll see...Kevin and I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow for the workshop and Friday for Dimitris' award presentation -- I mean we had 40 pre-registered...who knows how many more we might get at the last minute. The more the merrier!


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> Hey All,




> I have moved DGAMER to a temporary site. I have said

> on the site that I am working on a new design but I

> keep having delays. So, for the time being I will be

> blogging at http://dgamerblog.wordpress.com until I

> get around to finishing the site. Also, I know that

> I've been neglecting updating the site but I'm going

> to update regularly. Yes, I know that a few times

> but now I'm serious.




> See you all there,


> Corey `Dis' Krull



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