[games_access] Games for Health to Invest in Games Accessibility

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Fri Nov 16 13:24:28 EST 2007

Robert I'll view the film and see how we might use it if we can.
It's certainly something depending on how it works that we could
screen in an expo area during the accessibility day event.

I'm not sure about developing games and selling them I think we need
to build tools and example systems that reduce the cost of making
games more accessible. By lowering the cost+time delta and raising
the rhetoric accordingly you can close the gap but you can't do one
without the other.

- Ben

On Nov 16, 2007, at 12:40 PM, Robert Florio wrote:

> Great information Ben thanks. Yes I have a couple ideas to add.

> As you

> know I spoke at the conference a couple years ago that was very

> enjoyable.

> I actually just got out of a hospital that day after two weeks of

> agony it

> was pretty remarkable actually made it to do the speech. I didn't

> have much

> energy on top of what I'm capable of most of it was drained. But I

> still

> turned out really good.


> \

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