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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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Is definitely an ideal situation to set up especially organization, games
for health, Ben so if any of us can help like myself for whatever needed for
the conference would be great.

Perhaps compared to the past when these events are held by one of the
members here that the outcome has more opportunities for doing more business
and having contacts support with their ideas and back and forth after these
things are over. That might just be word-of-mouth but perhaps an open
invitation to meet with us individually about getting ideas and working with
other people's companies and ideas things like that just reaching out
offering support and as like we've been doing but if this is a conference
really about games for help those are the specific people we need in our
contact list.

I know when I gave the speech last year or a couple years now ago, I was
feeling so ill from being out of the hospital barely keeping conscience
which was kind of funny now I had people writing me contactless left and
right edges didn't have the energy or time to follow through unfortunately
but those were really good people with great contacts.

I just want to share something I learned my sister actually showed this to
me. My sister was involved with something called the Leads club not sure if
it's spelled right, and so was my mom, anyway they were getting frustrated
that everyone would meet with their businesses they represented just to get
ahead and not realizing that everybody had to actually give someone a piece
of information and in return that person would help them with a piece of
information like a business contact. Perhaps if we could bring this kind of
accomplishment offering whatever we can I guess sessions ideas individual
meetings for people in their companies to better their situation and in
return get something from them like an investment or something. The story
is that it was frustrating at these meetings and I attended one of them
because everyone would you stand up and say what they were doing with their
job and offer what anyone else wanted to do with the information but meeting
after meeting I would see people not talking and I didn't think that was the
point. I think it's really is about committing. Giving and getting.

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I'm not worried about the numbers - I think we can get to 50 at
worst. We have a lot of people with deep contacts that will find
this interesting. Keep in mind my core games for health audience
which is 200+ have interest in this space for derivative needs like
rehabilitation and therapeutic practices so I think from them alone I
get 20 attendees.

We have to start somewhere and this really is an ideal situation.

- Ben

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