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Steve Waddell swaddell at isupportlearning.com
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A quick introduction and then onto my thoughts.

I am Steve Waddell and I met Michelle at the E for All Conference. My company, I Support Learning, creates educational games. One of our games teaches middle and high school students how to create video games. In our product we have the students creating auditory games for the blind, and physical activity/ health games utilizing different human computer interfaces. We have partnered with a medical research univeristy and already have student teams in FL, CA, TX, KS, WI.... creating health games that will be highlighted as part of the future game designers competition which is run by the Support Learning Foundation and in part sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation.

Through our work we already have some experience with students creating games and games that are directly aimed at health issues (smoking, diabetes, health habits ...). Our exit interviews with students has been incredibly enlightening as the the impact of the immersion. To date none of those games are truly accessible to all players.

I think it is great that the Accessibility SIG is getting involved with this movement. As I mentioned to Michelle in LA I have always had an interest in accessibility issues and gaming. It is why we have created our immersive courses to teach students to create so that players with different challenges can play games.

I apologize for not posting earlier, but we have a large game project for the Dept of Commerce that we are working to finish. I promise to get more involved with this SIG and may be able to help with additional funding and/or partnerships that may translate to funding. I noticed the posting about SBIRs. That is an opportunity. But, as we found out - it takes a little bit to get through the initial paperwork before you can get involved with the application process. As with any government funding - lot's of little hoops to jump through.

Sorry for the long post - just wanted to let you know who I am.

Steve Waddell
swaddell at iusupportlearning.com

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