[games_access] Research questions about games helping veterans

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Reid. Those are great questions. A good way to think about the
alternative. Again another reason to look into this. I'd really love to
team up with someone to find out really what the issue is and how best to
serve it.

I can relate to my own depressive means when I lost all my function and
feeling but three months later some feeling in function came back but I
definitely was suicidal even though,lol, I couldn't move a darn thing even
if I wanted to do something about it. I can definitely relate in the first
thing I looked for was videogames but the rehab department had them but did
not have away from me to play. I remember for seven months that was the
only thing I thought about that really got me inspired. So I really can
relate to these guys I'd love to do it any ideas on getting started?


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Michelle's recent post about veterans seeking relief through games
reminded me I saw this the other day. Truly staggering and mind
boggling the numbers of veterans that aren't getting the help they


"In 2005 alone, 125 veterans committed suicide each week and of the
more than 88,000 vets returning from Iraq, more than 28% of them have
experienced mental health problems."

This is definitely an area we need to research, how much can games
really help depressed veterans? Will it help them? Will it be abused
like drugs and alcohol? Is it THE solution or is it best to include
gaming as part of a larger therapy?

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