[games_access] Games for Health to Invest in Games Accessibility

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Sun Nov 18 06:37:07 EST 2007

On Nov 17, 2007, at 2:17 PM, Robert Florio wrote:

> Is definitely an ideal situation to set up especially organization,

> games

> for health, Ben so if any of us can help like myself for whatever

> needed for

> the conference would be great.


I need names and contacts of resources that might be useful to reach
out to. Eventually we need help spreading the word on things but
before I do that I need to finalize the location of the conference
and put out the announcement. My goal is to do that between Dec. 1 -

> Perhaps compared to the past when these events are held by one of the

> members here that the outcome has more opportunities for doing more

> business

> and having contacts support with their ideas and back and forth

> after these

> things are over. That might just be word-of-mouth but perhaps an open

> invitation to meet with us individually about getting ideas and

> working with

> other people's companies and ideas things like that just reaching out

> offering support and as like we've been doing but if this is a

> conference

> really about games for help those are the specific people we need

> in our

> contact list.

I want it to be a conference for the accessibility community and
those interested in it and its related engineering, research,
testing, and design goals.

> I just want to share something I learned my sister actually showed

> this to

> me. My sister was involved with something called the Leads club

> not sure if

> it's spelled right, and so was my mom, anyway they were getting

> frustrated

> that everyone would meet with their businesses they represented

> just to get

> ahead and not realizing that everybody had to actually give someone

> a piece

> of information and in return that person would help them with a

> piece of

> information like a business contact. Perhaps if we could bring

> this kind of

> accomplishment offering whatever we can I guess sessions ideas

> individual

> meetings for people in their companies to better their situation

> and in

> return get something from them like an investment or something.

> The story

> is that it was frustrating at these meetings and I attended one of

> them

> because everyone would you stand up and say what they were doing

> with their

> job and offer what anyone else wanted to do with the information

> but meeting

> after meeting I would see people not talking and I didn't think

> that was the

> point. I think it's really is about committing. Giving and getting.


We're doing something to help with this - it plagues all meetings but
ours less so because we work hard to avoid this problem.

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