[games_access] Research questions about games helping veterans

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Mon Nov 19 06:41:35 EST 2007


> All of my calls from the military have been from the VA -- I think

> that the DOD seems to be more interested in games that get people

> recruited for and trained for military service but I could be

> entirely wrong -- as Mark mentioned, the DOD is concerned with

> stabilization of injured veterans but they are not about long term

> care. This is just the reality of how different branches of

> government are broken down.


There are two branches concerned with health and medical care but yes
otherwise it's recruitment, education, and skills training.

> The VA definitely gets us -- and it doesn't matter if you are pro

> or con the current world military situation...at least in my

> opinion. The issue is that we have people that have been hurt and

> not being helped (no matter what the reason) and that is not OK.

> The VA does a tremendous job but they need our help and they are a

> friendly audience.


We should get a speaker from VA...

> Michelle

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