[games_access] Still Here

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Mon Nov 19 18:17:27 EST 2007

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know: I'm still here!!! Very busy with PhD stuff (missed my
preferred deadline but no worries, will finish :) and my new job (which
started this summer). Some VERY BRIEF comments:

> Dimitris: congrats with your winning!

> Michelle & Kevin & Eitan: good job!


> Barrie: good job with simpler track suggestions setup. Acc-icons I think

> need some discussion (later). GA-website: out of my hands now, don't think

> Accessibility foundation is busy with it, suggest SIG contacting them

> directly for non-hostile take-over ;) Would like to have some more

> blind-related suggestions though :)

K... email when I got time (not now)


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