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Mon Nov 19 11:23:45 EST 2007

That's a good idea, Ben, especially as initial fundraising efforts on the web haven't been super successful yet.

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>From: Ben Sawyer <bsawyer at dmill.com>

>Subject: Re: [games_access] Start a fund-raising cause on Facebook? RE: games_access Digest, Vol 41, Issue 36

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>FWIW... my thought was to loop these types of direct to people

>efforts in once we get the news out about our funds and then wrap it

>in a call for individuals to match the donation via paypal, etc. So I

>think this is a great idea but I think it'd be more effective if it's

>done as an appeal to match our gift that way people see it as a

>bigger cause and it has stronger messaging provided to it. Some of

>the various Presidential campaigns have done this sort of match

>appeal to great effectiveness.


>I would just do it after we hit up some other big players first.


>- Ben



>On Nov 19, 2007, at 11:14 AM, Lynn Marentette wrote:


>> Hi, all.


>> I recently joined FaceBook because some of my classmates were doing

>> their

>> research project about it and I was curious to learn more about

>> it. One of

>> the first things I did was donate some money to a few causes.


>> There are plenty of organizations involved in fundraising on

>> FaceBook. I am

>> not sure how to set this up, but I think it might be a good idea to

>> have one

>> established for the mission of this SIG.


>> Several organizations outside of Facebook have a FaceBook group,

>> and since a

>> large number of FaceBook members are connected to universities in

>> some way,

>> this might be an approach worth investigating.


>> I belong to the Professional School Psychologists group, as well as

>> the

>> Classroom 2.0 groups in FaceBook, and I'd be willing to post

>> something on

>> the walls of these groups.


>> Lynn Marentette




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