[games_access] Robert doing PR Baltimore early show.

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Sat Nov 24 19:58:58 EST 2007

Hey everyone just wanted to say the Babe Ruth Museum I did the Babe Ruth
portrait of the doing a really huge PR campaign.

And now I don't live in Baltimore but were hoping to get coverage of New
York this time but right now I did a really sports radio show Monday morning
I'm doing prerecording with Don Scott and Marty that to be aired the 27th of
November for the early show coffee with. That's cool. That's local

They have all the main actors and someone who's really famous on that show
got Baltimore's most ratings for morning shows. So crossing my fingers I
hope it gets the attraction of some huge I want to bid on this thinking a
huge bid. Check out my homepage for the painting.

I know the Baltimore Sun is doing a story on it also I believe. So wherever
I get a chance I'll do my best to mention our group.

What is the web site to refer people to now? For one group?


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I found this link from crooksandliars.com about the article you are
referring to Michelle.

Combat brain injuries multiply
20,000 not listed in Pentagon tally
By Gregg Zoroya


On Nov 23, 2007 2:44 PM, <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:

> Yeah...kind of "terminator"-like for sure.


> I read today that there were 20k US soldiers with traumatic brain injury

that had gone unaccounted for by the military until now...leaked today on US
Thanksgiving..eee. Can't find a link at the moment as I am traveling and on
a low bandwidth connection.


> Michelle



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