[games_access] GDC 2008: VERY Bad News

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 27 16:20:43 EST 2007

Not E for All -- FuturePlay I mean. E for All was too much stuff! :)

>Re: No hardware -- I think it's a bad idea not to bring ANY

>hardware. Even just a broken (ask me about airport security) Quad

>Controller gets more "what the HECK IS THAT????" comments and it

>starts meaningful discussions. So we can do what we did at E for All

>-- very scaled back (even more so) and just let people see what the

>controllers really look like.




>>It is a good idea to try and set up a few meetings -- I'm dubious

>>after what happened with the GarageGames meeting (ie, they

>>disappeared after a solution was developed by you and Eelke and

>>they didn't use it either...just total silence...). But perhaps

>>we're better known now -- my main fear is that we are back to GDC

>>04, 05, 06 where we got one/two proposals accepted (with 06 being

>>the best because the workshop got accepted -- it was shot down

>>again after two years of trying to get it back on schedule) and not

>>much attention from devs, etc... That doesn't mean we have to

>>accept that it will happen again -- that's my problem more than

>>anyone else's, my fears coming through.


>>So we need to make a plan of who will contact which company to set

>>up those meetings -- that's going to be between the three of us. A

>>lot of these meetings happen casually over drinks at the exclusive

>>parties so those are the ones I can get a couple of us into (beyond

>>Level 99).


>>As for fliers -- that may end up coming down to the three of us.

>>This might be something to put down on the funding plan for Ben,

>>since publicity/SIG growth is one thing that can be covered.




>>>While this is isn't the ideal situation it's not a total loss for the

>>>group and we have to work within our resources to do the best we can.


>>>If only three of us can come, then I suggest we don't bring any

>>>hardware accessories. Instead, let's create flyer's and brochures

>>>about the accessories. Maybe even produce videos of people using them.


>>>I also recommend that because we are a smaller group this year, we try

>>>to have personal meetings with game developers to talk about how we

>>>can help them.




>>>On Nov 27, 2007 12:25 PM, d. michelle hinn <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:



>>>> Ok...



>>>> So remember when I was writing for days straight for all the GDC


>>>> without a whole lot of help? All submissions have been accepted now so we

>>>> have some bad, bad music to face. I never did put up all the final

>>>> submissions on the WIKI -- I was too tired after the deadline

>>>>and it doesn't

>>>> matter as much now. I'll get them up for archive reasons.



>>>> Well...we've been hit by reality this year. I hate to bring this up again

>>>> but I feel that I have to -- A lot of public word got out about our big

>>>> post-GDC fight last year (it's archived on the net...). I'm not

>>>>saying that

>>>> it was any one person or any one comment -- I can't even look at

>>>>the archive

>>>> without beating myself up about it because I felt like I had

>>>>really, really

>>>> let everyone down. I got the proposals and the passes but I couldn't make

>>>> our showing work in the best way possible. I couldn't be everywhere

>>>> advertising our sessions. I was far from perfect, we were all far from

>>>> perfect, we had big dreams but not enough people doing the work. I'm not

>>>> saying everything goes back to that but we had a big year last year, had

>>>> more than enough passes for everyone...and that was then. It's hard for

>>>> me...well, it's very sad for me to realize that we had it so

>>>>great last year

>>>> and we didn't recognize it, we didn't have enough real help when push came

>>>> to shove (or suitcase pulling came to suitcase pulling back and

>>>>forth every

>>>> day to the convention center). All the "should of" "would have"

>>>>"could have"

>>>> things are coming back to haunt me. I stopped flogging myself about this a

>>>> while ago and thought that I had come to peace with it but I realize now

>>>> that I still haven't stopped flogging myself about not being superhuman. I

>>>> know. I know. Stop it.



>>>> So...we only had one proposal accepted. All the acceptances are in now.

>>>> Reid's [cc] poster (downgraded from a 20 minute talk but I think this will

>>>> get more people) submission.

>>>> [https://www.cmpevents.com/GD08/a.asp?option=C&V=11&SessID=6456]



>>>> The other two were IGDA solicited (ie, they did not go through the system)

>>>> -- accessibility arcade and the SIG meet and greet. That buys us two more

>>> > passes -- one is mine since I'm SIG chair and one was for Eelke

>>>for the meet

>>>> and greet because he helped on the proposals.



>>>> I'm going to try and talk to everyone I can think of to try and get a few

>>>> more passes because one of those is a roundtable and was solicited by IGDA

>>>> (that was NOT in the proposal process) and it's accessibility arcade. To

>>>> pull that off, we need more people. I hope that this gets us a few more

>>>> passes.



>>>> The booth is out of question unless we can get some SERIOUS

>>>>money FAST. I am

>>>> trying every angle I can think of but so far no luck. The booth

>>>>SPACE costs

>>>> $5100 for 10x10 booth -- add on about $3000 more for the

>>>>"required" minimum

>>>> of stuff we have to provide...no way. IF we get an expo booth it

>>>>will get us

>>>> more EXPO passes, which will restrict those with these passes to

>>>>just being

>>>> able to get into the expo area (no talks, etc). That's the reality.



>>>> I'm sorry to have to tell you this and I'm sorry for the

>>>>anger/sadness in my

>>>> tone. We are not going to be able to bring everyone we want to.

>>>>I cannot say

>>>> when or if I'll hear if we can get more passes. I know some of you have

>>>> already made flight and hotel arrangements. If you are one of

>>>>these people,

>>>> please check with your airlines, etc for the last date to cancel without

>>>> penalty.



>>>> So three passes...that's it. That's where we are at. I will let

>>>>you know if

>>>> the pass situation changes but for now it doesn't look great. We now have

>>>> fifteen fewer passes so those of us in attendance are going to have to try

>>>> and talk our asses off at GDC.



>>>> Michelle

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