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DJ Bono ladysekhmet.dj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 14:54:51 EDT 2007

Thought I'll add my two bits. (yes I know..I've been incognito...that's
what happens when you play God of War, GTA: San Andreas ---which I'm finally
getting around to do!).

Anyways - I read all the posts, and they're very interesting to read.
It's sad that it's really up to US (deafies), to teach the hearing people
about Deaf Culture and all that...yet there's some deafies that I know,
EXPECTS that all hearing people should KNOW already, and that ticks me off
at times. I would say 80% of the people that I meet on a daily basic for the
my whole life, I'm their FIRST deaf people they ever met. So yeah, sometimes
I have to teach them a couple things, other times I just shrug it off. I get
sick of a sorry look when I say, "I'm deaf, please look at me.", then they
overenuilate (sp?), and that drives me batty. It's just sometimes better to
act like a foreigner.
I grew up in Total Communication environment...meaning that I speak and
sign fluently. My English has always been good (and don't go around
correcting my grammar...I'm getting old...lol). It wasn't until that I went
to RIT, and I've seen some deafies could barely write well. They write,
"broken" English, because that's the way they sign.

English: "I went to California last year. It was a lot of fun!"
ASL, may write: "Me touch California, last year. Wow! Lot fun"

See the difference? They cannot "hear" the words in their head, so instead
they can "see", so they write what they can see.

Mind you this is a small population of deaf people, so I'm not making a
general statement that all deaf people's English is bad.

However...having said all that....some of you said that it may be moot to
add text if they can't understand it.
Actually, I think the opposite. I think they can quite understand it
well, because they watch TV with CC all the time, so they're used to texts.

Try watching TV with CC on for two weeks. Then turn it off. Feels weird

texts in games are sometimes difficult to implement because of budget,
and interrupting the game flow. To me, I don't understand why can't they
just make it as an option?! Satisfy both worlds. I was literally pissed
when God of War is not subtitled during cut scenes, but IS subtitled WITHIN
the game. Do you know how hard it is to read the Game Script (thank you
GameFAQS), and watch the cutscenes at the same time?!

Enough about my rambling, hope you all learned a thing or two.

Game On
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