[games_access] AbleGamers.com Design + GDC 08

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 25 13:17:24 EDT 2007

Mark is going to be joining in on the SIG web team so that we can
make sure that all our individual and collective resources are linked
to one another for the best coverage possible. Cooool!

Mark is going to be able to join us at GDC as well (and serve as our
reporter on the scene with a press pass -- the only rule, Mark, is
that you cannot film anyone while they are eating...looooong story
but we've been through some weird stuff that we never could have
predicted in the past! hehe.). So this is exciting!

If anyone is planning to attend GDC 08 (www.gdconf.com) and you are
pretty sure I don't already know about it or you haven't heard from
me in a month about it and haven't been able to join us in the past,
please let me know as soon as possible. The proposals are due Oct 1
and I want to make sure that we get everyone who wants to be involved
involved! I'm used to the last minute scramble so no worries -- just
let me know.

Basically I know that Richard, Reid, Thomas, Mark, Eitan, Eelke,
Robert, Dimitris, Kevin, Barrie (if it ends up being an ok time to
head to the states) are going. And I'm 99.9% sure I have left someone
out of that list because I'm not looking at my notes, which are at
home. So if you aren't on the list and you know that you should be,
please don't be mad...you should all know that I get brain fog here
and there (is that a real term? it should be!) -- just let me know! :)


At 10:05 AM +0200 9/25/07, Thomas Westin wrote:

>very nice design!


>I'm using Joomla CMS too





>24 sep 2007 kl. 05.06 skrev Ioo:


>>Hello all.


>>So after a lot of heads down work I am pleased to share with you

>>that AbleGamers.com has been redesigned for the ground up. Go take

>>a look please, and if you want, sign up and use the site.




>>Some things worth pointing out

>>- We have added groups, you can now create and manage a group, it

>>is like a SIG, only with a different name.

>>- Added the AbleGamers Blog, now members of the site can post an

>>entry, link to their own blog, and more.

>>- Some forum changes, a few more places for no one to talk in.


>>So please go and take a moment to check it out, and if you feel

>>like it, you are welcome to join the site (costs nothing) and



>>Also, I want to make sure that I have links for anything that users

>>should find, so if you want a link to a site, send me a message

>>ioo at ablegamers.com and I will get your link up.


>>Thanks guys!


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