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Richard richard at audiogames.net
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GDC 2008 GuidelinesHi,

So this far, we got three proposals for GDC08? Eelke/Thomas + Michelle/Richard + Reid/Eelke ? And the booth? Or are there more? I still got the Top 10 Key Points proposal thing (giving an overview/walkthrough of what game accessibility - in my opinion - constitutes of, what expertise is needed and what one could do now already >>> I emailed it to a select few about a year ago already - could send it it you again) that I could turn in before tomorrow if anyone is interested is partnering with me on that (Michelle/Thomas/Eelke/Reid/Dimitris?)? Btw... Dimitris, are you doing something this GDC or are you too busy with the EU proposals (like most of Europe it seems right now ;) !!!)?

I'll try and get it online within a couple of hours and if someone want partner (and then wants the document of the 10 key points I'm referrring to), email me!


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Hi All,

I should have sent this earlier but I wanted everyone to have a handy page with the proposal requirements on it (there are a few diffs this year but they aren't big):


I just put it up so hit refresh if you've been hanging out at the wiki water fountain in the last few hours!



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