[games_access] GDC 2008 SIG proposal

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Sun Sep 30 15:12:50 EDT 2007

Hi Michelle,

> How did you envision this talk? As a panel? A 20 minute or 60

> minute talk? A roundtable? I'm thinking a 60 minute talk but I want

> to be sure that's what you were thinking too. :)

yes a 60 minute talk was what I had in mind, I _think_ that is what
Eelke had in mind too; if he just had a Cyberlink so I could read his
thoughts on this....


> We need to work on the title a bit -- it's a little vague.

> Basically we need something that says what the talk is about and/or

> is enticing enough to look up the abstract for when they are

> glancing through the title cards on display at GDC. Thomas had a

> good idea about emphasizing the "Jedi" bit -- maybe "Turning Gamers

> into Jedis: Designers Creative & Accessible Toolbox" -- or just

> accessible or just creative? Or maybe "Turning Gamers into Jedis:

> Creative and Accessible Design Tools"?

I like this version

"Turning Gamers into Jedis: Creative and Accessible Design Tools"

-that way we get the advertisement potential from Jedis, and keep
"accessible" into the title; but in this context people can read
accessible as in "accessible for disabled" OR "accessible in general"
OR both; which is a good thing - we leave that part open for
interpretation based on the attendees' background.

maybe we will get some more people from LucasArts than Reid attending
this way too :)

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