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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Sep 30 19:10:37 EDT 2007

Yeah, I'm in for that one. I'm working on a bunch of others right now
simultaneously so I can't get to it quite yet since this one came in
with about 30 hours left on the countdown clock. :)

I didn't put as much info as I should have earlier when I said I'd
asked about the IGDA cross-SIG collaboration idea for the panel if it
doesn't get accepted in the system. We have to put all the sessions
through the system before they go in as an IGDA track possibility.
Keep in mind that there are VERY few of these sessions so we can't
count on everything getting accepted through that track. More like
1-2 can go through that track. It's to be used as a "wow...NOTHING
got accepted? Ok can we have a roundtable at least?" and/or "ok, this
session got axed but it's really, really important - please accept
it? please, please?" option.




>Mmm.... maybe the thing was working on today (10 Key Points thing)

>might be a good IGDA session.... I intend it to be a session a bit

>about *everything*-you-need-to-know-about-game-accessibility in 60

>minutes (The Big Picture-sort-of-thing).


>Anyone want to participate with me on this? Michelle, I put your

>name down with this one already since I guess there's a huge part

>for you in here as well?









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>>Thanks Kevin -- I was just working on that in Word. I think I'm

>>going to put Design and "Other" as track because there is no

>>education summit this year so we can't go that direction. I've also

>>put in a bid to IGDA to include this as a cross-SIG collaboration

>>-- it might go into the IGDA track better. But we'll put it through

>>now to see if it gets accepted or not.


>>The IGDA track is a totally separate deal -- you'll notice it's not

>>an option on the submission form. That's because that's where we

>>negotiate which SIGs/Committees get what sessions -- some of the

>>behind the scenes part of being chair. A few years ago I would put

>>our proposals in directly through them and that's how this worked.

>>Things have changed the last two years and now I (and all the other

>>SIG chairs) put everything through the regular system. Then if

>>everything blows up in our faces I can then petition for a "second

>>chance" or an alternative combo of 5 rejected proposals into one

>>type thing through the IGDA.




>>>Michelle (and anyone else interested):


>>>I took a first cut at editing the GDC08 Curriculum Panel proposal.

>>>No idea what to put down for track, theme, or extended abstract.

>>>Comments please.


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