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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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Is there anything I can do or should be doing to help with creating these
panels or proposals?


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Thanks Kevin -- I was just working on that in Word. I think I'm going
to put Design and "Other" as track because there is no education
summit this year so we can't go that direction. I've also put in a
bid to IGDA to include this as a cross-SIG collaboration -- it might
go into the IGDA track better. But we'll put it through now to see if
it gets accepted or not.

The IGDA track is a totally separate deal -- you'll notice it's not
an option on the submission form. That's because that's where we
negotiate which SIGs/Committees get what sessions -- some of the
behind the scenes part of being chair. A few years ago I would put
our proposals in directly through them and that's how this worked.
Things have changed the last two years and now I (and all the other
SIG chairs) put everything through the regular system. Then if
everything blows up in our faces I can then petition for a "second
chance" or an alternative combo of 5 rejected proposals into one type
thing through the IGDA.


>Michelle (and anyone else interested):


>I took a first cut at editing the GDC08 Curriculum Panel proposal.

>No idea what to put down for track, theme, or extended abstract.

>Comments please.


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