[games_access] Volunteers Wanted for Research : Second Life for the Blind

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 12 08:08:00 EST 2008

Hi Gareth -- thanks for letting us know about this project and I wish
you the best of luck! I'll forward this to a few other lists I know
about that have more visually impaired gamers on them as well and I'm
sure that a few people on this list will post this info on their
blogs and forums.

Please let me know if there's anything I/we can do to help out further!

Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG



>I'm a researcher at the University of Sussex in the UK, and I've

>been looking into the accessibility of Second Life for blind and

>severely visually impaired users.


>For the next stage of our project we want to conduct a round of

>interviews and are now looking for volunteers to participate, who

>must be 18 years or older. We'd like to take 30 minutes of your time

>for a voice chat to hear about your experiences of getting around in

>the real world, and any experiences you have of doing so in virtual

>worlds. The aim is to direct our further work developing interaction

>techniques for blind users in Second Life.


>For more information please read the


>Statement and




>If you'd like to participate please send an email to

><mailto:G.White at sussex.ac.uk>G.White at sussex.ac.uk, confirming that

>you've read both of these documents and agree to the conditions

>listed in the consent form.


>You can read more about the project on our



>Research Fellow, DPhil Student.

>Interact Lab, Human-Centred Technology Group, Department of

>Informatics, School of Science and Technology.


>Chichester 3R253

>University of Sussex



>BN1 9QJ




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