[games_access] GDC info for attendees

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 13 18:01:14 EST 2008

Hi all,

I'm having a very bad reaction to a new medication I started (and
stopped) yesterday and so I'm trying to get out info to GDC attendees
as quickly as possible. I know...when is something health-related NOT
going on for me? Don't worry -- it's under control now. Just have to
wait the last side effects out.

Here's the main bit of info to know for right now -- our session
rooms (at least the accessibility arcade ones) will NOT have internet
access of ANY sort. Many of you remember how bad the access was (if
you could even get it) last year -- it's supposed to be even worse
this year. So if you have something to show that is, say, a website,
make sure you have a local version available on your laptop.
Obviously that's not going to be ideal for all sites but it's all we
can do. If a local version is not going to fly, try taking screen
shots to at least walk people through and explain that our room has
no internet connection -- no one's gonna give us grief about it.

Also, last call for getting us info about companies that you want us
to try and get in touch with at GDC. Almost everyone I know has
nearly every minute blocked out for GDC -- I know I only have a few
openings left for Friday at this point and am trying to combine
everything that I can! This is going to be the largest GDC yet (they
are now expecting upwards and over 20,000 people!

BTW -- the stuff with Blizzard is going well and I'll have a report
that is longer than "is going well" shortly.

Thank all!

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